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Peace of mind has never been so convenient.

Home security made simple with our automation services. Control everything from locks and cameras to lighting and audio/visual with our comprehensive automation packages that are customizable to fit your unique needs.

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1080P Video Doorbel 2 Way Audio

Circle Doorbell with 2-Way Audio

Monitor your front door with a cloud-compatible video doorbell that records and stores audio and visual from your porch. Features night vision up to 8 feet, on-demand video, and two way audio.

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Slimline Doorbell with 2-Way Audio

Monitor your front door with a cloud-compatible video doorbell that records and stores audio and visual from your porch. Features night vision up to 8 feet, on-demand video, and two way audio. This 1.5″ device easily fits into any door or front porch space.

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Z-Wave Wireless Door Lock

This wireless smart lock easily connects with your smart home devices to remotely check lock status and receive notifications about when your door is locked or unlocked.


Indoor HD Camera

Indoor HD

Monitor your home or indoor space with a smartphone compatible, audio and visual-recording HD camera.

Outdoor HD Dome IP Camera

Outdoor HD Dome IP

Easily monitor the perimeter of your home with this night-vision capable outdoor camera with video recording and playback capabilities.

HD Mini Bullet IP

HD Mini Bullet IP 

This wireless, waterproof camera provides high definition monitoring and video recording in a small, discrete way – perfect for any indoor or outdoor space.


Wireless Lighting

Smart Lighting

Hands free and smart-home compatible light switches with a programmable timer that is easily accessible through your smartphone app

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Garage Door Control

Never worry about forgetting to close your garage door again – this wireless, smartphone compatible garage door control will notify you of any opening or closure.

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Intelligent Sprinkler Control

This smart-home compatible system allows for easy smartphone scheduling and uses weather data to adjust your automatic irrigation system.


Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Wireless Carbon Monoxide

This battery-powered sensor works with your alarm panel to send you a notification or sound an alarm when carbon monoxide is detected.

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Water Leak and Temperature Detector

These sensors fit easily under sinks or other areas in a bathroom to detect water leaks, flooding, and pipe freezes.

Stove and Grill Guards

Wireless Stove and Grill Guard

These sensors attach easily to most stove or grill nobs and provide timely notifications when a burner has been left on.

Wireless Image Sensor

Wireless Image

This pet-immune sensor captures and stores images on-demand to provide extra home security. Now also featuring night vision.

PIR Motion Sensor

Wireless PIR Motion

These motion sensors are ideal for the homeowner-on-the-go: wireless and pet-immune, these alarms provide timely notification of motion detected in your home.

Glass Break Detector

Wireless Glass Break

This sensor is designed specifically to respond to the sounds of different kinds of glass breaking.

Gun Motion Detector

Wireless Gun Motion

This password-protected detector provides timely alerts to gun owners when their firearm has been moved.

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Video Doorbell


Get alerts, video, and two-way audio connection to your front door.

We have video doorbell options that are synced with your security system and let you monitor who is coming and going from your home. 

Convenient App


We know that convenience is key when it comes to connecting your home security system. This is why we provide a home security app that lets you see your home in real-time from all angles – giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Security Cameras


Monitor security whether home or away. 

Protect your family and valuables with indoor and outdoor HD cameras. Our cameras include audio, night vision and are synced with your security panel to alert you of suspicious activity.

Security License #B10489901

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